Dating Tips for Men


Undoubtedly, one of the most important stages of any relationship is the first date. It is essential to understand, that it is the first date what makes it clear whether the connection will last.

It is quite possible that after an unsuccessful first date you will be put into the group of "friends", or you can even be left unnoticed and the girl would start looking for a new partner. In order to make her dream about going out with you again, you should know basic dating tips and the rules of the first date.

Notably, what is permissible and what is not on the first date. This first date tips would be useful for shy guys as well as for quite confident ones.

Think about the atmosphere of the meeting; choose a convenient place for the date beforehand, given her tastes and preferences. Try to dress with taste and look neat, it will undoubtedly affect the first impression.

Go on a date in a very good mood. If you, for example, had a conflict at work, then you’d better postpone the meeting. Women love presents. Even if they say they don’t – a small gift as candies or flowers wouldn’t hurt.

Be caring: for about an hour before the meeting, give her a call and ask if you can pick her up from home, for example. While dating do not forget that you are a gentleman: give her a coat, put a chair, open the door in the car. Be attentive to her!

Be positive, talkative, carry the conversation on various topics (stock up on funny stories from life, anecdotes, and some interesting facts as well). Behave naturally, just like with family or friends. You can’t be better than you are – be yourself, she will definitely notice it.

Show your interest. She must feel that the man near her appreciate her as a person, and not as an object of pleasure. Look into her eyes during a conversation. By the way, you can accidentally, touch her hand or give her a non-intrusive hug. Look at her with an admiring glance. Girls do not like awkward moments when silence is tightened. But if you admire her at the same time, she would appreciate it. If the view is confused, it is a big minus, try to avoid it.

Always be generous. Sometimes they hesitate to order something in a restaurant, but try to take the initiative, even if she says: "No, I do not want to!". Behave confidently, but not self-confidently. Excessive self-confidence could spoil the impression.

After the first date, most of the girls remember how easy and comfortable it was with you. Therefore, the task for the man on the first date is to give a lot of positive emotions. And the most important moment - do not rush into kisses, do not frighten her. If a girl wants to kiss you, you'll definitely find it out! At the end of the first meeting, friendly hugs and words of thank for a good time would be absolutely enough.

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